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Don...Poster A3 (pdf 4,6MB)
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musician's cv
Peter Wiegand
Gerd Baumann
Georg Karger
Dim Sclichter
Leo Gmelch
Wolfgang Roth
Christian Ludwig Mayer

press release
Wiegand & Conference 09 (rtf)
Wiegand & Conference:
Catch me if you Dream
Don...Don...Don... (rtf)
Lecture: Bernhard

Wiegand & conference
Catch me if you dream
Devil come (mp3 3,6MB)
Little Man mp3 4,3MB)
No More The Roar (mp3 2,7MB)

Wiegand, Karger; Mayer
Don Don Don
Sidestep Boulevard (mp3, 6,3MB)
Toleranz (mp3, 4MB)

Catch me if you dream

Atlas shrugged
Big A Dog
Clay Pigeons
Devil Come
Die Gschicht Vom Toten Pferd
Die Wunschmaschinen
Fools Gold
Little Man
Lorraine So far Away
No more the Roar
Sidestep Boulevard
To Be
When I Am Laid In Earth

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