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It is all in a state of flux, not only for Peter Wiegand. The singer with a voice that is – regardless of all comparison with Tom Waits or Jaques Brel – above all unique, the actor with the edgy face contrived a houseboat, a Riverboat. And he took plenty of friends highly capable in music on board, to create a new kind of music - music thicker than water, music that sails around the shoals, and fools about the waterways of life and style, always preferring the waterways off mainstream. Nick McCarthy, guitarist and songwriter of Franz Ferdinand, is on board. Batman-author Alan Grant from South of Scotland. Georg Kager, Hannes Hajdukiewicz, C.L. Mayer, Jonathan Heine, Harald Lange, Klaus Kammerloher, Davide de Bernardi, Andreas Kohlmann, Lou Noah, Karen Weber, Claudia Gubisch, Alexander Gasteiger, Ingo Steer. All words and lyrics of the unexceptional original songs are by Wiegand himself, this time. The houseboat-crew, mainly consisting of close, long-time musical companions, set the ideas to music. Therefore, almost every track has its own composer. The music is tailor-made for Wiegand, all congenially done and so complex in style, following the cruise of the lyrics strongly autobiographically marked. New Orleans, Manhattan, Vienna and Berlin can be shadowy guessed in the night, clear rapids, marbled brackish water and swamps, the reflection of the own self and the surrounding society, shipwreck and uprise, joyride and escape, blues and Viennesse song, Stomp and Circumstance, Waits and Brecht/Weill, tango in a gin mill and cha cha cha, George Benson, Helmut Qualtinger and Jim Morrison, marching bands, funky twentyfirst-century-swing under weeping willows. Never at all has Peter Wiegand been swinging so laid-back before, with all the depth you can find here. The water beneath his keel is sparkling. (Text: Thomas Kraus; Translation: Sabine Appeltauer) more

Riverboat Images
(by Michael Pierce):
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'Ich wollte immer schon'
'East Side'
'Like It Is'
'Nie Frei'


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